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Acne Hormones

Let’s face it. We all have acne hormones.

Is this the same as hormonal acne?

The truth is, ALL acne is related to hormones no matter your gender or age.

Let's break it down

This is a skin pore and a sebaceous gland.

Hormones increase at certain times in your life, such as puberty, stimulating the sebaceous gland. This causes the sebaceous gland to enlarge and produce excess sebum (an oily wax) in your pores.

Bacteria is normally present in your skin. But some of this bacteria begins feeding on the excess sebum, multiplying and filling up the clogged pore. This leads to additional inflammation, resulting in a BREAKOUT.

Group of Three Teenage Boys

Hey guys, you have acne hormones, too

During puberty, testosterone (an androgen) increases dramatically in guys. This increase causes skin to produce excess sebum, an oily wax, in your pores and kickstarting the acne. In teen years, guys produce more sebum than girls!

We're all linked by a common thread: acne hormones

Acne can affect almost anyone—all ages and genders. People just like you. No matter your age or stage of life, caring for your skin is important.

Middle aged woman with Hormonal Acne
Transitioning Woman with Hormonal Acne
Teenage Girl with Hormonal Acne
Boy with Hormonal Acne holding Football
Teenage Girl with Acne
Teenage Boy with Hormonal Acne
Senior Woman with Hormonal Acne
Man with Hormonal Acne
Woman with Hormonal Acne
Girl with Hormonal Acne playing Ukulele
Gir Hugging her Little Brother
Woman with Hormonal Acne with Hands on Hips
Boy with Hormonal Acne crossing arms
Girl with Hormonal Acne and hands over heart
Girl in Ballet Pose
Boy with Hormonal Acne bouncing Soccer Ball on Knee
Soccer Mom with Hormonal Acne crossing arms

See how to care for your skin