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Visiting a Derm Professional

A dermatology professional can help with acne hormones.

How to prepare for your visit

To make sure that your skin and acne concerns are fully addressed at your dermatology appointment, it’s important to prepare. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

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Keep a log of your skin health for a few weeks before your appointment.

Include when you have acne breakouts, severity level, and other relevant information like menstrual cycle, stress, or new skin care products.


Have your skin care history with you.

Bring the products you currently use and write down anything you have tried in the past. Also include any other medications, supplements, or vitamins.

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Jot down your questions and concerns beforehand.

It can be hard to remember all your questions during an appointment. Write them down or have them on your phone.

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Wear no or minimal makeup to your appointment.

Your derm professional will want to see what your skin really looks like.

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Bring photos of your acne.

We all know that feeling—you finally make a derm appointment and then your acne seems to settle down. If you have photos of your skin when you’re having a breakout, it can help your derm to better understand your concerns.

Ask your derm about these treatments

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